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About Me

Meenkashi Anupam is a Delhi-NCR based dietition & active lifestyle expert and an independent dietitian who strives to take the confusion out of healthy eating. ​Having closely worked as a dietitian with top health center & hospitals, she believes in a philosophy that diets, just like clothes, should be tailor-made because every individual is different and there is no one-size-fits-all here.

As a life member of Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Association, a freelance dietician, Meenakshi’s mission is to inculcate healthy lifestyle habits among people to enable them be the best version of themselves. She works with diverse groups and individuals around the World, catering to their special needs, goals or health conditions and helping them lead a healthy life free of worry and illness. With her there is always something for everyone. Therefore, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what you do, she can pave way for a healthier and happier you.

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Why It Works

Tailer Made Diets


Every Diet is designed keeping your food preferences in mind.

Healthy Food Options


Foods your body will love - High on Nutrition and Right on Calories.

Complemented Lifestyle Plans


Exercise tips to help you burn those extra fats.

Personalized Guidance


Nutritionist personally available on Phone or WhatsApp.

Personal Tracking


Regular weight, meal and goal tracking personally done by the nutritionist.

Constant Follow-Ups


Constant Follow-ups and food-diary reviews by the expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a dietitian is trained in many areas of human nutrition and assists people in understanding the relationship between diet and disease.
No, a dietitian helps you to implement healthy lifestyle choices and works with you to ensure their recommendations fit in with your likes/dislikes and more importantly your life!!
Food is only part of the equation that makes you unique. There are other factors like physical activity, coping patterns, lifestyle and culture that effect leading a healthy lifestyle. We base our nutrition plan recommendations on your foundation as a person.
You can schedule an appointment online, or you can contact us directly.
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Importance of Balanced Diet

What is good for you and what is not good for you? If we start to take a proper diet plan, we will decrease the chance of getting ill.


Importance of nutrition during covid-19 management

Posted May 1, 2021 by Meenakshi Anupam

nutrition importance during COVID

Eating a healthy diet is very important during the COVID-19 pandemic. What we eat and drink can affect our body’s ability to prevent, fight and recover from infections.


What Coronavirus Patients Should And Shouldn’t Eat While Recovering

Posted by Meenakshi Anupam

diet for COVID recovery patient

Good nutrition is critical for health, especially at a time when your immune system has taken a beating and is in a weaker state than before.


Clients Review

Happiness received from clients


Prateek Banerjee

Meenakshi Maam is an extremely supportive, talented and knowledgeable person who is one of the best in the industry to achieve your weight management goal. She knows a magic formula of 5 elements which if followed under her supervision can give guaranted result. I have taken more than 2 years of consultaion ftom Meenakshi maam and achieved weight loss from 99 Kgs to 75 Kgs in 4 months of time and also managed the weight for almost 2 years now. I highly recommend her.

Vanishka Gupta

So I started to gain weight because of my board exams. I tried quite lot of things. But nothing gave that satisfying result. Then i decided to approach Meenakshi Ma’am and my habits have changed drastically. No one was ever able to fix my sleeping pattern but she did. Her diet plans are pretty easy to follow and keeps you satisfied. And i see the difference she made in 3 months. I look much fit and have indulged into healthy lifestyle. Definitely gonna recommend her. She’s a magician. Thanks a lot ma’am!

Aadesh Gupta

I join to dr.menakshi anupan before two weight was 80..after joining her now my weight is 67..after joining her improved my running stamina...more strength in my body...she update good diet plan and call me time to time for asking any health related issue ...after joining I completed more half marathon (21km)..and full marathon(42km) at best time..its possible due to healthy and good diet plan..she update me more detox and cleanse diet plan such as LIVER CLEANING...KIDNEY CLEANING...LUNGS CLEANING..time to time...that is very effective ...really dr menakshi anupam is very excellent...educated and sincere for her work...mujhe yaad hai ki wo ek baar one years ke liye UK gayi thi...upne kaam ke prati itni sincere hai wo ke mera diet plan regular update hota tha aur waha se regular weekly call aata tha for asking any health related issue....after joining her lifestyle has very change...really she is good dietitian...I would recommend dr menakshi anupam to all family members... and friends for weight loss and healthy life....i also recommend her to sports person...

Jagriti Pal

Meenakshi ma'am is best ditecian .She monitor s very well .I was Gaining a lot of weight due to PCOD and thairoid issue.But she helped me a lot , putting best diet to my diet chart to combat with pcod and thairoid issue.From 66kg I came down to 59kg in 3 months which helped me to stay fit and fine even I noticed reduced symtoms of PCOD.I will opt Meenakshi ma'am always as dietician in future (if any) and 100% recommend.

Sharan Chinna

meenakshi mam is very best dietician, she is very helpful and understanding person,she always keep in touch with me,her diet plan is very effective and easy, she gives me very simple home made food,my personal experience with Dr Meenaksi mam is very good,i highly recommend Dr.meenakshi,keep it up always mam.

Om Agarwal

I never really had any problem of being overweight but I wanted to start eating healthy for a better lifestyle. After coming to you I was able to do so with not much of efforts but only by changing a very few things in my daily food intake. I am very grateful to you. Thanks meenakshi mam for giving me seasonal , healthy & delicious diet plan.

Sudhir Bhardwaj

Dt. Meenakshi has a very planned approach, she meticulously understands the food habits, likes, dislikes and allergies of the individual and after this study ahe prepares the diet plan. The advised diet plan is very effective as a testimony I was 113 kg when I started taking her advice, in 04 months I have shed almost 20 kg that too without starving. Beside being a good dietician she also have a good knowledge of yoga, exercises and food recipes. I recommend her name to my friends and relative without any hesitation.

Shubham Mittal

She is very good, listens to your problems and gives easy to follow diet which office going bachelor's can also follow easily. Her liver cleansing plan is also great and detoxs the liver completely.

Pratik Bajaj

I've had the pleasure of having Dr Meenakshi as my dietician for helping me figure out a diet to gain some weight while eating healthy and at the same time healthy alternatives to junk food that I craved. Would happily recommend her for any kind of dietary consultations!!

Taruna Kundlani

Meenakshi mam is the best dietician I have came accross. I was suffering with gestational diabetes and followed her diet throughout my pregnancy which kept my sugar level at control . I am very thankful for her complete support. She is the best.

Gagan Trikha

Ms Meenakshi is a dietician I would recommend to a sports person and all health freaks as post understanding an individuals requirement she makes your nutrition plan as per the natural resources / food / fruits available and avoid all synthetic supplements available in market that have side effects . The best thing is that She also educate you with the benefits of the ingredients that she had included in your plan with recipe of how to make that particular thing yourself and best part is she do not get exhaust anytime of any amount of query and questions that are put to her regarding your diet plan . What ever in am sharing is as per my personal experience from last 3 months of my diet plan prescribed by her . Keep it up Ms Meenakshi

Mitul Shah

Meenakshi is a fantastic dietician. She is very attentive and always gives positive feedback. She has given me a lot of great recipe ideas so, I won't feel bored with my meals and she had made some fantastic suggestions on how to overcome making bad decisions with my meal options. I am very grateful to Silky for her honest guidance. Her ability to connect with my personal needs was truly appreciated. Thank you for teaching me the Art of Losing Weight and managing proper diets.

Vijay Kumar

Hello I am 45 years old .I am working with automoblie industry in customer service ......I join to Dr.meenakshi anupan last 3 weight was 69 kg......after joining her now my weight is 62kg..after joining her improved my stamina ,feeling light, improve my face glow ..she update good diet plan and call me time to time for asking any health related issue ...after joining specially my belly fat reduce 39inch to 34 inch .its possible due to healthy and good diet plan..she update me more detox and cleanse diet plan such as LIVER CLEANING.....that is very effective ...really Dr menakshi anupam is very excellent...educated and sincere for her work...really she is good dietitian...I strongly recommend Dr meenakshi anupam to all family members... and friends for weight loss and healthy life.

Rajshree Mishra

She helped my husband to lose around 10kg in 1 mth itself.Due to this progress,we are very sure that we will reach our destination.Best part is that he get to eat variety of food as he is a big foodie.We have learnt a lot in this short span that how can we manage balance between healthy and tasty food.

Laxmi Sumer Singh

Mera nam laxmi sumer singh hai. Meri sadi ko lagbhagh 6 sal ho gye.bahut try kiya but cncv ni hua. Bht treatment kraya. Lekin ak mnth ke liye mene meenakshi mem se diet plan liya. Follow kiya @ boom...its positive. Thanks alot mem. Apka ehsan to me kbhi ni bhulugi. Lv u alot

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